Tending Your Garden

June 22, 2012

We all plant and tend to a garden every day: the garden in which we grow. Just like a real garden with soil, seeds, plants, sun and water, our personal garden needs the same things.

When planning a garden, the first thing you do is look at the spot, the landscape. If it isn’t “good enough”, not enough light, poor soil, change it. Both gardens need to THRIVE. You may need to start thinking in new ways….what are your needs? What will bring the qualities you seek into your life, into your garden? Do you need more light? More water? More variety?

Growing a garden takes time. There are empty spaces, and they are ok. You don’t have to fill up every moment. Leave time to decide what to plant.

Opening your mind to new possibilities is like letting the light in. It is ok to create new paths, to explore. Try a different path that is a challenge for you.

Just like a real garden we need to tend to our growth: do something every single day that results in you making “progress”. Longing for quiet? Turn off the ipod. Have a book to finish reading? Turn off the computer.

Cultivate your dreams. Let your mind run free…visualize.

What are your priorities? Your own personal roots? Water them to keep them healthy. Your life must support your values.

Don’t forget the fertilizer! Learn new things, expand your knowledge.

Trial and error is natural in gardening. You won’t know what will flourish until you try. And you can make adjustments to your garden to help the things you care about grow.

Talk to other gardeners. What insight and experiences do they have to share? Friends, family, co-workers, even the mailman, are all growing gardens.

Remember to weed. Get rid of things that just fill up your day but have little meaning or purpose. Make room for the things that matter to be able to grow unimpeded. Weeding has to be a discipline…..do it regularly.

Then, sit back and enjoy and take pride in your garden. See how you grow and flourish.

based on an article at http://www.beliefnet.com/