Mending The Part Of The World Within Our Reach

May 12, 2013

“Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world at once,
but of stretching out to mend the part of the world
that is within our reach”
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Some days the world is so full of pain and sorrow I just wish there was some way to have it all righted, and have everything “fixed” and made OK. It is overwhelming.

Staying grounded and keeping things in perspective means we have to understand and accept we cannot fix the entire world. We have to find balance and reach our hand out to that which is within our reach, and slowly, with love and care, mend the broken and wounded parts that are within our grasp.

Sometimes it means starting with ourselves: making sure we are whole and healthy. Many of us resist taking care of ourselves if we perceive we can spend our energy, resources, time on someone else. Truly, for us to help others we have to be healthy and strong. Sometimes we might not even know what we need in order to take care of ourselves.

Sometimes fixing things means we have to let go. Letting go in all kinds of ways. Letting be. Leaving alone. Walking away.

Or maybe we need to sit with something. Be present and simply experience without doing or changing. And then letting it go.

Or, maybe we need to take a first step that might be hard for us….to speak up or out, to stand up.

I listen to the news sometimes and cringe. I hear parents screaming at their kids in grocery store and cringe. I listen to college kids speak jokingly in ways that are really mean, callous and misogynistic and cringe. I listen to lyrics of songs that are violent, that demean women and others and I cringe. There is no way I can change all those things.

I read of pollution. I read of deforestation. I read of rising sea levels and melting ice fields. I can’t prevent those things from happening.

My arms do not reach that far.

But, there are things within of my own grasp. My choices are within reach. My words and actions are within reach. My voice is within reach.

I am within my own reach. I can start with myself.

I can work towards reaching out, and stretching a little more to take a step towards mending what is within my reach. And with patience, someone else might try too. And the reach will be a little longer. A little more mending will happen.

Maybe we can reach out together.

(hand mandala from google images)


2 Responses to “Mending The Part Of The World Within Our Reach”

  1. Ella Says:

    Reblogged this on Yoga For Well Being and commented:
    Came back from two weeks of relative silence at Gaia House. It was blissful and challenging in equal measures. When I was there I thought I’d write something about being there – because people have always wondered what silent retreats are like. Having returned, I feel I need to take a while to process in private before I ‘put something out there (here)’.

    One of the things I have been thinking about on-and-off during the last few years is social/political activism. And the fact that I don’t think I do enough of it. In some ways you can say I’ve given up. It came up again because in the Gaia House library I read a few pages in book that considered social activism from a Buddhist perspective. So the subject is back on my things-to-consider list.

    I came back yesterday and today I am catching up with emails, voicemails and posts from bloggers I follow. And of course, always wise words from fellow bloggers. I’ve put a link below to a post that expressed something I’ve not told myself before: I think one of the reasons I am not active is that I am overwhelmed. I find it hard to read the news and not be touched. So I only skim the headlines over Jonathan’s shoulder. Anyway, I really like this post and thought I’d share it while I am taking a bit of time to re-entre.
    Spread the love,

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