Who says kindness is important?

August 25, 2012

Recently we were in Bloomington, Indiana visiting our daughter who is beginning graduate school at Indiana University.

All around town were billboards with the IU logo on a crimson background and simple white letters that offered these six words:

Work hard.

Have fun.

Be kind.

This past week, at work, I was sitting at our morning Circle Time with 15 three to six year olds. We were reviewing important to things to remember as individuals in a classroom community. We covered many of the basics; walking feet, indoor voices, washing hands, etc.  Soon to be kindergartner Leo raised his hand with another thought. When I called his name, he put his hands out in front of him, palms up, raised them slightly and said:

“Just be kind.”

Indiana University and a five year old say kindness is important, so it must be true.  Kindness counts. Practice  kindness today and every day:


One Response to “Who says kindness is important?”

  1. Haha that is great that you got that message twice from such wildly different sources. So cool!

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